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Arts for All November Newsletter!!

A slightly quieter month ahead of the busy December festivities, but a fun one nontheless.

First and foremost....

VOTE Charity Film Awards

Our film has been nominated for the Smiley Charity Film Awards!

Please please please vote for us - it takes less than a minute!!

Also please share around to everyone you know (We really want to win!!!)

.You can also find the link on our website homepage and in the link on Instagram.

British Land Exhibition

We were lucky enough to host an exhibition for both the adults and the children at British Land, organised through our wonderful trustee Natasha.

Thank you to everyone who attended the exhibition, and a special thanks to everyone who organised the event and sponsored it.

Philip Pottery

Columbia Road Clay very kindly invited Philip back to do some pottery after club, he went along with one of our volunteers Clementine and they had a great time!

Debbies 59th Birthday Party!

We all had a great time celebrating the wonderful Debbie Baker - and it's the big 6 0 next year!!

Arts and Crafts this month...

Here are some snaps from some activities we've been up to: Ink Experiments & Christmas Card making!

Emiles House!

A special mention for one of our new starters, Emile, who worked SO hard to make this amazing house!

Arts for All YouTube Channel

We may or may not have started a YouTube channel....where we may or may not create the occasional vlog/video!! Please subscribe!!

Coming up...

Festivities will commence this month, with some fun festive art sessions, as well as a trip down to Caroline's mums for a Christmassy day out, as well as the annual Carol Service! Don't worry, we will catch you up on our antics again next month!

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