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The Rainbow Art Club

A creative arts and crafts club held once a week for adults with learning disabilities and older people.

On Tuesdays and Wednesday from 9.30am – 3.00pm we run a class, in our centre, for approx 12-15 adults with learning disabilities and older people.

Each session is relaxed and we do varied creative activities each session. These will range from painting, drawing, 3D modelling, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, mosaic work etc. They learn new skills and, within our warm welcoming environment they grow in confidence.

Within this club we also organise days out, trips away, and a chance for the members to choose activities for themselves. This project provides a safe, relaxed, happy environment where these vulnerable and isolated adults with learning disabilities can meet and have creative fun. Many are isolated by bullying and lack of ability to communicate. We encourage the use of Makaton sign Language helping our members to communicate in everyday life.

Many people with learning disabilities have trouble communicating and also they find it very difficult to find a place where they are really accepted for who they are. This problem is recognised as often contributing to low self-esteem, social isolation and loneliness, learned habits of compliance, lack of trust, frustration, anger and disempowerment. We want the complete opposite for our members. We want them to grow in confidence, to feel empowered and through improved communication we want them move towards more independent living. This is a club where everyone is happy!


In the past we have incorporated MATERIAL MAGIC in this club and welcomed amazing sewing teachers who have taught and inspired us. We have opened a section of the space for local women who would like to learn to sew (although currently we don’t have a sewing teacher. Please get in touch if you’re interested).

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