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The Kaleidoscope Club

A wonderful creative club for disadvantaged children and young people.

 Intervention is key to the success of Arts For All, and so for, the charity has prioritized a focus towards young people through the Kaleidoscope Club. The club runs three times per week after school to offer young people aged 5 to 16 a sanctuary where they can feel safe, supported and encouraged to achieve their potential. 

Each week around 60 children and young people access the project, which is offered free to make it truly accessible to all members of the local community. Some of the young people will regularly attend the club for many years throughout their schooling and will continue as volunteers after. 

Our wonderful staff and volunteers use a vast array of art therapy techniques, to enable children to develop confidence, tackle wider issues including violence in the home, bullying, crime and gang culture, drugs and alcohol and a sometimes crippling lack of aspiration to change lives.

The club has helped enabled 95% of its members to reconnect with school, progress to college at 16 and in many cases find rewarding and sustainable employment. Its impact is far reaching, as many family members become involved in the club and will subsequently engage with wider activities of the charity.

The Kaleidoscope Club is a warm, happy and welcoming place where children of all ages can be creative, make new friends and be children – in a way that is sadly missing in their often chaotic lives at home and in school. We celebrate the diversity of our membership – the club is a colourful and happy place; full of laughter and creativity!

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