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If I had not been referred to Arts For All and the Kaleidoscope club I hate to think where I would be today. I was in trouble with the police when I was 11. My mum had been depressed and my brother is severely disabled and I was caring for them both. I think it all got too much for me. My friend took me to Kaleidoscope and I felt immediately welcomed.


It has such an amazing atmosphere I actually felt the weight falling off my shoulders…. I felt free. I felt safe. Caroline and the other staff supported, encouraged and helped me as I went through secondary school. When we struggled with certain subjects Caroline got special help in and organised extra homework clubs. I couldn’t believe it but my attitude changed and I started to do well at school. I am now studying to be a lawyer!

Thank you Caroline. Thank you Arts For All” 

- George

Age 20

What our children say

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