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Arts for All May Newsletter!

Another fun filled month with all the clubs, here is what we've been up to...

David Hockney: Ways of Working

The Rainbow Club visited Hockney's immersive exhibtion at The Lightbox and it was incredible! They loved the vibrant colours and magnified artworks surrounding them, and even created some Hockney inspired paintings the following week with volunteers at the art centre.

Arts for All Charity Abseil

You probably saw a lot about fundraising for Charli's charity abseil last month, and we would like to thank everyone who showed their support and donated! She has raised £1,155, and it's not too late to donate. Alongside Charli, the amazing team from Mishcon also completed the abseil in support of the charity and were able to raise more money to support us too - so a special thank you to everyone at Mishcon and the 9 brave volunteers who abseiled for us.

Philip and Alice's Day Out

This year we have giving the Rainbow Club the opportunity to choose their own special activity each, and Philip and Alice chose a visit to Chessington World of Adventures! So on a Friday, when there was no club, Caroline, Charli, Philip and Alice went there for a day of fun. As you can see from the photos, Caroline wasn't scared on the rides at all.

Afternoon Tea... at The Shard!!

As rides aren't really Debbie or Robert's thing, they chose a slightly more sophisticated outing - a lovely Afternoon Tea at the Shard. He chose to invite our friend from the local church, Ali, as well as Philip. The theme was Peter Pan and it was incredible!

A special (and secret) event!

We can't give much away yet, but a few of the Rainbow Club took a special trip out with Will Redgrove (the mural artist!) and LadBible a couple of weeks ago. All will be revealed in the coming weeks - but here is a sneak peek for now!

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