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Arts for All June Newsletter!

We're already finished with month 6 of the year - and as the adult group say every single day from the moment we arrive home from our annual trip to Devon..."It's not long 'til Devon now" (although we do have a few months left to go, time really is flying by!)

The weather has been so warm this week, and we've enjoyed the sunshine. Here is what we've been up to in June...


We started off the month strong with a trip to Legoland - with a special mention to Tony, who usually would never go on a ride, but decided he wanted to go on one (and loved it!). Everyone also got ice-creams with sprinkles as big as their heads and on the way back we drove past Windsor Castle - which is now on our list of places to go on a day trip!

A special lunch with Robert & Philip

Ever since one random day when Philip asked Ella what she'd had for dinner last night, he has wanted to try gnocchi (that's what she'd had)...and his wish finally came true when we took him and Robert out for a lovely lunch - specifically for gnocchi. It was a success - Philip loved it.

A visit to Jealous Gallery

We decided to go down to see an exhibition at Jealous Gallery, as we had never been and it's so close to us! It was really amazing and we will definitely go back for their next show too...

Mask Making with the kids!

Anything with glitter, and the kids are IN. Some of them made masks, and their parents didn't recognise them with their new identities when they came to pick them up!

'Inspired By...' Exhibition

There has been a big build up to this exhibition, with both the adults and children gradually filling our walls with beautiful pieces of Inspired By artworks. The walls at Arts for All are now empty and ready for new incredible paintings, after a hugely successful exhibition! A lot of artwork was bought by amazing supporters, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching up with friends of the charity, and exhibiting our artists work. Thank you to everyone who came by.

Debbie's Garden

Debbie recently moved into a new house, and the garden needs a bit of TLC. We decided to all go down there for a spot of gardening! It was a very hot day, but we got started on painting the fences with a bit of colour! New grass needs to be put down and lots of flowers need to be painted, but it's set to be beautiful when it's done! Afterwards we popped to the V&A cafe for a cuppa and a cake!

A few more photos from clubs!

Some more snaps from our clubs this month - lots of creativity as usual.

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