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Arts for All June Newsletter!

We hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather. Here is a little recap as to what we got up to in June.

British Land Volunteer Day

We had an abundance of volunteers for a full day, from British Land. They came along with supplies for a super fun art activity (paint pouring, and other rainbow paintings!) as well as a delicious lunch for everyone. They also spent the day organising and cleaning the art centre for us, which was an incredible help. After that, we all took the adult group out for some dinner and drinks (mocktails!) which was a great way to round off the day.

LadBible Feature

A while ago we were contacted by LadBible, after they saw our wonderful Arts for All mural by Will Redgrove, they asked if we would be a part of another big mural they were planning for a Special Olymics Athlete. They commissioned Will to create this mural and invited us down to help paint it.

Afternoon Tea at The Shard

Since February 2020 until April 2021, Robert, like others, was completely housebound due to his vulnerablitiy to Covid-19. Throughout that time, him and Caroline had many conversations about his desire to go for a lovely Afternoon Tea. So, when given the option to choose an acitivty, Robert decided it was time to finally head out for Afternoon Tea - and where better than the Shard? He invited a few others, and off they went to enjoy a Peter Pan themed afternoon with panoramic views of the city.

Exciting meeting with Director of a 3 minute film being made about us

Earlier this year we were selected by Media Trust to have a short film made about what we do as a charity - something we are able to show to new and exisiting audiences to give them a feel for who we are, in a short snippet! We are really excited to have been matched with a director, who has now arranged for a day of filming on the 19th July - so watch out for the film which will be ready before the end of the year!

Guests from Art & Soul from St Peters Bethnal Green

Earlier this year we all went down to St Peters Church for an art session, so we returned the favour by having them come for tea, biscuits and some creative activites!

Hart Hotel Fundraiser

We would love to give a special thank you to our friends at the Hart Hotel Shoreditch, who organised a fundraiser and rasied over £500 for us! It is so special and means alot when we recieve this kind of support. We look forward to seeing them this month for a lunch!

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