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Arts for All Janaury Newsletter!

Happy New Year to everyone! At Arts for All we've started the year off strong with loads of amazing outings and activities with both the adults and the kids! Here is what we've been up to...

Tie Dye Pillow Cases

On our first day back we thought it would be fun to get the dye out and jazz up the adults bedrooms with some colourful tie-dye pillows! They all picked their colours (Debbie ofcourse opted for pink) and we left them for a day to soak in. Philips turned out fantasticly!

Shreks Adventure

As a special treat to beat the January blues, we took the Rainbow Club to Shrek's Adventure! They got to meet all the characters, and visit the gift shop afterwards, and then we went for a lovely lunch!

Book Making with Charli

The trend this month has been making books! It started with the adults and then suddenly all groups were busy making their own covers, choosing the pages to insert (some have included some great colouring pages) and putting them altogether. Charli was fantastic teaching everyone how to make their own, and encouraging maximum creativity with their designs.

Debbie Princess Castle

A special shoutout to Debbie's Princess Castle in which she lovingly made and decorated! She took it home straight away so she could display it in her bedroom.

Fun Kids Club Sessions

A few snaps from our Kids Clubs this month - they have been full of life!

London Taxi Drivers Charity for Children event

On Sunday 29th we went to a special event held by the London Taxi Drivers Charity for Children with a group from the kids club - it was pure madness with entertainment, face painting, music, and more. It was such a fun day, and the kids all got amazing goody bags at the end. The pictures speak for themselves as to how much fun everyone had!

Will Redgrove - Graffiti Mural Workshop

Last year we had amazing workshops with a London Graffiti Artist which resulted in the mural of Tony which I am sure you have all seen (if you haven't - see Instagram!). He returned last week to do another workshop which is going to become another, bigger, mural with all of the Rainbow Club included.

Espacio Gallery Visit

To finish off the month, we were invitied to a special exhibtion held by South London Women Artist's at the Espacio Gallery down the road. They invited us in for a prviate viewing before encouraging the whole gang to get stuck in to a creative workship in the gallery space. Nazim especially enjoyed looking at the artwork, asking questions and hanging the postcards on the umbrellas.

Our Community

Arts for All wants to support those who will struggle to cope this winter by helping to provide essential items. If you know of anyone who might be suffering due to the cost of living please do not hesitate to contact Caroline for a confidential chat.

If there is anything you can do to help in terms of donations (food or other items) please also contact Caroline.

Coming up...

In Febuary we will be having another month full of activities - it's Philips birthday so there will be a special pub lunch to celebrate. We are also taking the Rainbow Club to the Tate Modern to gain creative inspiration! We're hoping for the large mural to be done at some point this month too!

For any questions on how to get involved with the charity, please do get in touch with either Caroline or Ella on the below:

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