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Exhibition on 20th October 2021

On 20th October 2021, Arts for All hosted a magical exhibition at our studios. This was an opportunity for our members to showcase their talented artwork to their loved ones, and they did not disappoint.

As soon as I walked in, I was immediately blown away by the exhibition. Every table and wall was covered in beautiful works of art. Starting from the left, our younger members decorated their tables with drawings of cars, Pokemon and dogs along with abstract paintings. There really was something for everyone to admire. One painting that particularly caught my eye was 8 year old Alice’s pink painting of a unicorn. I spoke with Alice at the exhibition and she said,

“I love the colour pink and unicorns are my favourite animal because they make me smile. I love my art club because when we draw, it is so much fun. At home I can’t be messy but here I can, which makes it the best place ever.”

Alice’s mum added, “I’m so proud of Alice’s artistic improvements and it’s so great to see her so proud of her own work. This entire exhibition is inspiring because there is a real feeling of community spirit here.

Alice’s mum was not alone in feeling this way. The room was filled with people beaming with pride. Everyone was coming together to celebrate their artistic abilities and achievements which made the atmosphere even more special.

Moving along the room, at the back in the centre, was a memorial for Harvey. Harvey was a beloved member of Arts for All who lost his battle with COVID-19 and sadly passed away. He was an integral part of the Arts for All family who left a lasting impression on many of our members which is why it was so important to everyone that Harvey was included in this exhibition. He will never be forgotten and this tribute to him was very poignant.

Following on from there were the tables of artwork created by our Arts for All adults. From scenic landscapes to recreations of the famous Mona Lisa, the adults wowed the audience with their displays. There was a real sense of passion combined with creativity with each of their pieces. When walking round the tables, I spoke with Phil who was proudly sitting beside his artwork and was thrilled to tell me more about it.

Phil said, “I’m very proud of my Mona Lisa because I worked really hard on it. And I love coming to my art club because I have made so many friends here so I love getting to see them.”

Being around the people at the exhibition and speaking with everyone, this feeling of an Arts for All family is prominent. Everyone is so happy to be together celebrating their creativity with their friends. In fact, after viewing the adult’s artwork table, my eyes (and everyone else’s) are drawn to centre stage where there is a beautiful portrait created by Tony of his ‘Arts for All family’. It is heartwarming because that is at the heart of Arts for All, friends becoming family.

Moving into 2022, Arts for All will be celebrating 21 years of bringing creative art therapy classes to the lives of many in the communities of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. We are on a mission to raise £50,000 so if you can or know anyone that can help contribute with ideas or donations, please get in contact.

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