Sponsored Walk

Every week Arts For All supports vulnerable adults living with learning disabilities as well as local children and families. By offering good quality creative clubs each week they see confidence growing through creativity, love, support and care. Arts For All also take the adults and children on exciting, varied, fantastic trips throughout the year and even take the adult group on an annual holiday to Devon. In order that the clubs are 100% inclusive they are free to attend - as are the trips and holiday. This is an unheard of concept and ensures that Arts For All truly is open to all. 

Once the weather improves - in the spring or early summer - the Arts For All family (including adults with learning disabilities and families) will be doing a challenging sponsored walk from Westminster to Tower Hill zig-zagging across the river on the bridges. For many this will be hard but we will encourage and help each other to achieve our goal. We are doing this to raise as much money as we can towards a fantastic, life enhancing charity that has been serving this local community for 19 years. Our landlords - The Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist Church - are saying they are going to put our rent up by 100% so now is the time to raise as much money as we can.

Thank you so much for supporting us

with best wishes, Caroline and the whole Arts For All family