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We are Arts for all...

...a community creative centre based in Shoreditch in the East End of London. We run creative clubs for local people and aim to build confidence through creative achievement. Our exciting clubs for adults and children incorporate many different art forms and materials. At Arts For All we believe that if you introduce an element of creativity into a person’s life, then it will positively affect every area of their lives. In reference to “Every Child Matters” we are concerned with every aspect of the welfare of the people who attend Arts For All. Ideally, everyone should have these opportunities and at Arts For All. Ideally, everyone should have these opportunities and at Arts For All we provide creatively based, good quality projects for the whole community.

Our members

In Shoreditch we are working with adults and children who face disadvantage in many ways. Through long term unemployment, poverty, overcrowding, broken families, crime and other reasons, many people feel lacking in confidence and have low aspirations. Arts for All is a safe, welcoming, exciting place where they can come and learn new skills, make friends and have fun; and through creative achievement, grow in confidence and self-belief. We hope that, through support, encouragement and the gaining of new skills and experiences, we will see adults moving into employment and children and young people seeing a brighter future for themselves.